Wrongful Death

SMB has extensive experience successfully representing the families of those who were fatally injured as the result of somebody else’s negligence.

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Wrongful death lawsuits can arise from negligent conduct occurring in many different contexts, including:

Losing a loved one due to another’s carelessness is devastating. Families who have had a loved one taken from them ask SMB to find out what happened, find out who is responsible and, most importantly, make sure it never happens to anyone again.

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Unmatched Results

Over the three decades since its founding, SMB has secured countless multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients in wrongful death cases, including:

  • $265,000,000 settlement for the passengers and crew injured in the Amtrak derailment in Northeast Philadelphia, which took eight lives and injured more than 200—one of the largest rail settlements ever in the U.S.
  • $227,000,000 for the Salvation Army store collapse in Center City Philadelphia that killed seven people and injured twelve—the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history.
  • $160,000,000 for the victims of a food truck explosion that killed two and catastrophically injured 11 more.
  • $124,000,000 verdict for the estate of a woman brutally killed by her husband–the largest contested verdict for any personal injury case in Pennsylvania history.
  • $101,000,000 settlement for the Atlantic City Tropicana Casino parking garage collapse that killed four people and injured 30 others—the largest construction accident settlement in U.S. history.
  • $29,500,000 settlement for the Pier 34 collapse at Philadelphia’s port that killed three people and injured 43—one of the largest premises liability settlements in Philadelphia history.
  • $17,000,000 settlement following the sinking of Duck Boat DUKW 34 in the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey that killed two and injured eighteen.
  • $17,000,000 settlement in the case of a man killed by a crane hook.
  • $11,700,000 settlement for three plant workers killed and eight others injured—including one seriously burned—when a defective valve led to an acetylene gas explosion.
  • $7,000,000 settlement for a 23-year old man who was beaten to death by attackers who were served excessive amounts of alcohol while already visibly intoxicated by bars in the Old City section of Philadelphia.
  • $5,000,000 settlement for a medical malpractice case arising from improper obstetrical care that resulted in the mother’s death.
  • $4,400,000 settlement for two passengers who were killed, and a third who was seriously injured, when the drunk driver taking them home crashed his truck.
  • $4,300,000 settlement for family of father killed in vehicle accident caused by intoxicated salesman driving car during a test-drive.
  • $1,600,000 in global settlements for a 21-year old man who was struck by a drunk driver and whose family witnessed his fatal cardiac arrest minutes later.
  • $1 million settlement in a medical malpractice case involving improper obstetrical care that resulted in a newborn’s death.

Unmatched Experience

SMB lawyers understand that the families of those who were killed by the negligence of other people, businesses, municipalities, or healthcare providers want answers to their questions, such as:

  • How could this have happened?
  • Who was responsible for this tragedy?
  • What can be done to make sure no other families have to endure similar tragedies?

Unmatched Compensation

No matter what kind of negligence resulted in the wrongful death of a family member or loved one, SMB works tenaciously to help you get all the compensation to which you may be entitled, including payments for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical expenses, lost income, and future earnings.

If a family member has been fatally injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, SMB is committed to obtaining the results and answers you need and deserve.

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