Marni Berger Joins SMB’s Sex Abuse and Civil Rights Practice Group

Marni S. Berger has joined forces with Kristen M. Gibbons Feden to advocate for victim’s rights within the firm’s Sex Abuse and Civil Rights Practice Group.

Marni’s insurance recovery background and expertise is a tremendous asset in these cases where insurance coverage issues frequently arise.  Their clients are traumatized and oftentimes the most vulnerable members of the community who have been preyed upon by those in positions of power.

Marni notes: “My clients empower me to help give them and other similarly situated victims a voice. Working closely with Krissy is a tremendous opportunity I do not take lightly. Getting to know our clients and fighting for what is right is uplifting and my goal every day is to add some light to their lives after enduring the darkest times of times.”

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