Bad Faith Litigation in Pennsylvania: Update on the Law and Practice Pointers

Join Marni S. Berger for a CLE with the Philadelphia Bar Association on June 17, 2021.

Marni S. Berger is appearing as a panelist on the Philadelphia Bar Association CLE live webcast “Bad Faith Litigation in Pennsylvania: Update on the Law and Practice Pointers,” on Thursday, June 17.

Insurance Bad Faith cases can be tricky whether you are approaching them as counsel for the insured or the insurer.  This area of law continues to grow and the definition of a “bad faith” claim continues to evolve. It is important that attorneys understand what constitutes bad faith, in what contexts the claims may arise, and what “bad faith” is actionable.  Panelists will provide an update on the law and offer practice pointers, tactics and advice regarding how to handle these cases.

Both sides of the aisle are represented by our faculty and you are sure to come away with new tools you can put to use immediately.  Panelists will address the following topics among others:

  • Introduction/Brief definition
  • Bad Faith cases arising in Uninsured Motorists and Under-Insured Motorists Claims
  • Bad Faith in the context of an excess verdict
  • Proving/Defending the case – the Mechanics of the trial
  • Ethical issues in Bad Faith Practice
  • Current Laws Update and Bad Faith Trends
Whether you’re counsel for the plaintiff, the defense, or are an insurance professional trying to prevent bad faith claims, you will want to attend this practical program and stay abreast of the latest updates relating to bad faith litigation.

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