Consumer Protection

Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky's consumer protection attorneys have developed a national reputation for helping thousands of consumers fight back. These consumers have either been defrauded or sold dangerous products or services.

Consumer protection laws prohibit fraud in the marketplace by requiring companies to be honest and forthcoming about the safety and quality of their products. Unfortunately, in today's business environment, many companies attempting to secure higher profits ignore this requirement. As a result, even the most conscientious consumer can fall victim to fraud.

As part of the firm's Class Action Practice Group, SMBB's consumer protection attorneys have successfully handled fraud claims addressing a wide array of scenarios. These include when companies:

  • Make false or misleading statements about their products or services
  • Deliver a product or service worth less than what was promised, or
  • Engage in deceptive business practices

We also have handled claims in which businesses have sold dangerous products or services.

Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky's consumer protection attorneys have secured multi-million settlements for the classes of consumers that they have represented, including:

  • $1.25 million settlement for customers who purchased worthless window etching product
  • 100% recovery settlement for New Jersey consumers who were overcharged for registration and title work

Consumer Protection Experience

Consumer protection cases can be quite complex and take years to prosecute. To build such cases, SMBB's team of consumer protection attorneys works as either lead attorneys or as co-counsel working together with other attorneys throughout the country. When dangerous products or services are sold, the group also works closely with SMBB's highly experienced product liability attorneys to further strengthen the case against the offending company.

Compensation for Consumer Fraud

Recognizing the need to discourage companies from engaging in fraudulent and deceptive practices, many states allow consumer plaintiffs to seek double or triple damages plus attorneys' fees.

If you and others like you have been defrauded or sold dangerous products or services, Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky is committed to obtaining all the results you need and deserve. To learn how we can help you, contact our consumer protection attorneys today.

Consumer Protection Attorneys

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