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Medical Malpractice

Verdicts & Settlements

$6,600,000 Failure to Diagnose Cancer on Time

$1,800,000 Unnecessary Back Surgery

$1,500,000 Stroke Victim Due to Delayed Diagnosis

$1,250,000 Failure to Diagnosis Lymphoma on Time

$1,000,000 Podiatric Medical Malpractice

$1,000,000 Lackawanna Co. Medical Malpractice Case

$500,000 Montco Jury Awards Pipefitter Nearly $500K in Medical Malpractice Case

$285,000 Negligent Hospital Discharge Following Caesarean Section

See Many More Multi-Million Dollar Results
As one of the leading Philadelphia medical malpractice law firms, Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky and its team of medical malpractice attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of such cases for our clients.

"First, do no harm," is a cardinal rule of medicine. Yet each year an estimated 100,000 Americans die as a result of medical mistakes in hospitals alone. Many patients don't even realize - or want to believe - that they have been victimized by thoroughly avoidable medical errors.

To right such wrongs, SMBB's medical malpractice attorneys focus primarily on the following types of medical mistakes:

  • Delayed diagnosis of cancers, including breast cancer, serious heart conditions and other significant illnesses
  • Birth trauma injuries or death to either mother or child
  • Hospital negligence

Proven Results

In the past decade alone Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky's medical malpractice attorneys have settled more than $200 million worth of medical mistake cases for our clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Because doctors and hospitals want to avoid negative publicity, they usually agree only to confidential settlements. However, the numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements we have secured include:

Medical Malpractice Expertise

The three partners who lead the SMBB malpractice team bring more than 50 years of combined medical malpractice experience to each case. They frequently lecture and teach other lawyers how to handle such cases.

Always working in teams, SMBB malpractice lawyers also rely on a highly experienced SMBB nurse, consulting nurses and independent physician experts to determine what went wrong. They:

  • Exhaustively review all medical records
  • Review hospital policies, procedures and protocols
  • Investigate competencies of doctors and nurses

The team has pioneered the innovative use of high-tech visual tools - including illustrations, audio and video, animation and customized 3-D models - to reenact what happened. These powerful techniques are very effective in proving the case and convincing defendants to settle with our clients.

Also serving as medical watchdogs, SMBB's medical malpractice lawyers have been responsible for numerous improvements in hospital policies and procedures designed to prevent future mistakes.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice

Hospitals, physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers may all be liable. SMBB medical malpractice attorneys work tenaciously to help you get all the compensation to which you may be entitled - including compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical costs, lost income and future earnings.

If you or a family member has been injured or killed as a result of medical malpractice, Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky is committed to obtaining all the results you need and deserve. To learn how we can help, contact our medical malpractice attorneys today.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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